TSO/ETSO Approved Straps

CGU-1/B Strap

**Note: If straps are intended for Aircraft use, it is the responsibilty of the Owner or Operator of the Aircraft to Ensure that a Basis for F.A.A. Approval is Obtained Prior to Installation.

CGU – 1/B Straps (Standard Airline/Military Straps)
Made IAW Mil-PRF-27260C, Type 22 Mil-Spec Natural Webbing

*For aircraft operators who require engineering documentation for in flight use, please contact Cargo Systems about Part Number 41842-80. This is a similar strap assembly as the Mil-Spec version (CGU-1/B Strap), but is made in accordance with different design data. (Burn Data, Certificate of Conformance & 8110-3 is available).

TSO Certified Strap
To order this strap, contact Cargo Systems about Part Number 72DEE-30T (Snap Hook and Double Stud fittings on ends). The design of these straps cannot be altered. For quantity discounts please contact us, or order online from our online store.