Strap Assemblies for Aircraft use:

Click one of the pictures below to learn more about the type of strap assemblies we manufacture.

Whether you need large straps for all-cargo operations, small straps for baggage areas, or specialty application straps…we’re here to help. Click on the ‘Build-a-Strap’ option below to see the various types of straps that might work for your application. If you’re looking for a cargo strap that meets TSO standards, or a Mil-Spec CGU-1/B Strap, click on the Standard Strap link below for more information.

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Standard Aircraft Straps
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Strap Assemblies for Trucking/Industrial use:

Our strap and tie down manufacturing capabilities extend past aircraft specific use. Whether you’re looking for a standard trucking or industrial use strap, or need a custom tie down manufactured, we’re here to help.

Click on the ‘Build-A-Strap’ link to see what type of straps can be made specific for your application, or on the ‘Standard Strap’ link to view standard trucking or industrial-use straps.

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Standard Trucking Straps
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